Home Churches

We believe the best way to experience authentic relationships is through our Home Churches. These evenings usually feature food, fun, prayer and discussions about life. Our Home Churches meet at various times throughout the month.

Currently we have three groups, one that meets at the parsonage, one in the Hollidaysburg area, and another that meets in Williamsburg.  If you would like to experience one for yourself, you are very welcome.  For meeting times & contact info, see the calendar page.

Dave and Terry Rice

Truth Project
Bill Thompson

Ladies Bible Study
Lisa Crawford




A church is not a building.  A church is the group of people.  We gather together to help one another, love one another, and encourage one another.  Where we meet is just a building.  We call our building a “meeting house” because of this reason.  The church is the people transformed by Jesus Christ.

We look forward to meeting you!