Leadership Team


Stacy Crawford


Dallas Robinson & Tony Carnicella

Worship Team

Tammy Carnicella, Dave & Terry Rice, Jamel Mallad, Sherry Nagle, Jesse Rice, Evelyn Bookhammer, Stacy & Lisa Crawford, and Gayle Benton are the core group, and we have several guest singers and musicians that will sit in and bless us frequently.

Children's Church

Ted and Kari Sue Biddle

Xtreme Teens Ministry

Tammy Carnicella

Kid's Club

Beef and Julie Smith



A church is not a building.  A church is the group of people.  We gather together to help one another, love one another, and encourage one another.  Where we meet is just a building.  We call our building a “meeting house” because of this reason.  The church is the people transformed by Jesus Christ.

We look forward to meeting you!